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Shop our collection of longboards!

Discover longboards, trucks, knuckles, decks, and wheels from all your favorite brands with Freestyle United. Shop from trusted companies like Atom, Santa Cruz, and Loaded. ...
Designed and built with riders in mind, the longboards we stock are perfect for when you want to cruise to the beach, or just do some leisurely turns on your local hills. We pride ourselves on providing a high-quality longboard that will not just last but can also handle the demands of its owner. From beginners to master shredders, we've got a longboard that will be right for you.

MBS - Colt 90X Mountain Board - Constellation

Introducing the all new and improved 90X mountain board from..

Orangatang - Longboard Bushings - Knuckles Medium Purple

Crafted for quick turning response and smooth edge-to-edge t..

Atom - Pin-Tail Longboard Woody - 39"

The Atom Pin-tail longboard is a great entry level longboard..

Deville - White Wall Longboard Tires 4/pk - 70mm

Deville 70mm / 78A Tires are intended to give you a fast gri..

Atom - Drop-Through Longboard Veneer - 40"

Get more down to earth with an Atom drop through longboard. ..

Paris - Reverse Kingpin V3 Longboard Trucks - Polished 2pk

Paris V3 longboard trucks are strong, light, and sleek, whic..

Orangatang - Longboard Bushings Nipples

Extra lively and energetic, these double barrel Nipples will..

Paris - Reverse Kingpin Trucks V3 - Matte Black / Gold

Paris trucks are among the best, most iconic longboarding tr..

Orangatang - Wheels Caguama Orange - 80A 85mm

Voluptuous urethane (proportionate in all the right places) ..

Arbor - Pintail Bamboo Fish - 37"

A compact pintail with an extended wheelbase and mellow flex..

Arbor - Drop Through Bamboo Axis - 40"

A snowboard-inspired drop-through for easy around town cruis..

Santa Cruz - Drop Through Longboard Negative Mandala Hand - 9 x 36"

Medium sized drop through shaped 9 ply deck with Bullet 180m..
Free shipping over $250
Order before 3:00pm EST - Ships same day
Competitive prices
Canada wide shipping