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Kickstart your fingerboarding obsession today with Freestyle United.

Are you looking for an interesting new hobby? Injured but you can’t quit skateboarding? Look no further than fingerboarding! Popularized in the eighties by pro skateboarder Lance Mountain, fingerboarding is a fun and safe way to practice all your favourite tricks. ...
From decks to bearings, we have everything you need to complete your fingerboard collection. Choose from our selection of complete sets, pre-assembled fingerboards, ramps and rails, and more! We have all the parts, tools, and accessories you need to shred in style.
Our fingerboards come in a variety of cool colors and designs. Browse editions like Teal Yeti, Galaxy, Graffiti Wall, Cloud Nine, Royalty, Bubblegum, Crimson Classic, and more.

Atom - Pin-Tail Longboard Surf - 39"

Atom's classic pin-tail longboard deck shape and concave cro..

Santa Cruz - Pintail Longboard - Flame Dot 9.2 x 33"

Santa Cruz redesigned this smaller pintail shape longboard ..

Arbor - Pintail Bamboo Fish - 37"

A compact pintail with an extended wheelbase and mellow flex..

Santa Cruz - Drop Through Longboard Negative Mandala Hand - 9 x 36"

Medium sized drop through shaped 9 ply deck with Bullet 180m..

Atom - Pin-Tail Longboard Woody - 39"

The Atom Pin-tail longboard is a great entry level longboard..

Atom - Drop-Through Longboard Bamboo Tiki - 40"

Atom's 40” Drop-Through Tiki longboard features a bamboo /..

Arbor - Drop Through Bamboo Axis - 40"

A snowboard-inspired drop-through for easy around town cruis..

Santa Cruz - Drop Through Longboard Wave Dot Splice - 9 x 36"

Santa Cruz' wave dot splice drop through longboard cruiser ..

Santa Cruz - Pintail Longboard Iridescent Dot - 9.2 x 33"

Santa Cruz' updated, smaller pintail shape on 9 ply deck wit..

Atom - Drop Deck Longboard Artisan Brown - 39"

Atom's refined micro drop down deck for city cruising and do..

Atom - Drop-Through Longboard Green - 41"

Get more "down to earth" with the Atom Drop Through Longboar..

Atom - Drop-Through Longboard Blue Geo - 40"

Get more down to earth with an Atom drop through longboard. ..
Free shipping over $150
Order before 3:00pm EST - Ships same day
Competitive prices
Canada wide shipping